Get the most out of your machine!

Malibu have over 30 years experience supplying a diverse customer base with catering equipment and many years experience with ventless fryers so you can imagine we have learned a lot in that time. We are not simply interested in selling the equipment but ensuring that you get the most benefit from your investment.

There are many things you can do to increase your sales and profitability by attracting more customers, getting them to spend more and to keep them coming back.


Machine Location


Options for where you place your machine may be restricted but if possible you should site it where it can be readily seen. If you can’t then make more effective use of POS material.  For bars and cafes often the sight of the food being prepared is a mouthwatering attraction for customers and because the fryers are ventless there is no grease laden smoke and smells to distract them.


Point of Sale


Make sure customers know what is on offer and can clearly see the range of food available from the Perfect Fry.  And don’t forget to remind them it can be served hot and fresh in a few minutes.


Word of Mouth


Put the word around particularly if you are new to hot snacks. Make sure your staff ask your customers if they want any hot food to draw attention to the fact you are selling it.


Offering Freebies


Offering a “free” sample of chips with another purchase or for just a limited time will help get the word out, this is especially true is a busy pub or retail outlet.


Combo Deals


Offer a drink and fries for a special combo price, or a can of coke.  There are often a number of incredible combinations you can offer to make the customer happier and upsell other products.