Malibu offers a number of options to help you.  Whether you are just starting with a ventless fryer or if you are an experienced user we can help.


Lease- Purchase

Ideal for: Those looking to buy a machine and spread the cost over 3 or 5 years. (Other periods may be available depending on circumstances).

With a lease purchase you have the option of making one monthly payment at the end of the lease to transfer ownership of the machine to you.

After establishing your exact requirements we check if leasing is available for your business. If you qualify we arrange for a suitable leasing company to contact you to agree the terms.  Once you have returned any relevant paperwork and sorted out payment we get clearance from them and call you to arrange delivery.


This process can take, on average 5 -10 working days.

Please note that models fitted with automatic fire suppression systems may need to be specially ordered. Please call for availability.



Ideal For: those with the budget and those who just want one, outright purchase has a lower overall cost.

Once we have your exact requirements and payment we simply invoice you and arrange delivery.


This option will usually take  around 2-3 days.