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Fry anywhere with Ventless Fryers!

The Perfect Fry ventless fryer is one of our most innovative pieces of equipment ever.  This machine needs no extraction or ventillation, saving you thousands of pounds on hood systems and headaches with planning permission.  It is compact, countertop and fully enclosed so that operators have no contact with the hot oil, making it one of the safest pieces of equipment on the market.  With fully-programmable presets, food is lifted from the oil at exactly the right time, guaranteeing you consistently perfect results.  The HEPA-style air-filtration technology removes virtually all odour so wherever you’re cooking, there won’t be any chip shop smells.  Our Perfect Frys are currently in use in pubs without a kitchen, pubs with a kitchen but who want to serve food after the kitchen closes, protected buildings such as the Natural History Museum, service stations and many more.


Perfect Fry PFA with Tray


  • A 4oz portion of fries costs 10p and can generate over £1 profit per portion.
  • Food is cooked straight from frozen, so there’s no waste.
  • Vents or hoods are not required which means huge cost savings as a conventional hood and vent system can cost between £5,000 and £20,000 and may require time consuming planning permission.


  • We have 3 different power options: 3Kw, 5.7Kw and 7.2Kw able to produce 22lbs, 45lbs and 60lbs of french fries per hour respectively.
  • Models with the Rapid Fry function can cook continuously as the next batch of food is lowered into the oil as soon as the previous batch has been cooked.


  • A functional and simple design with fewer parts means less breakdowns, less downtime and a lower overall cost of ownership.


Exceptionally Versatile

  • Perfect Frys can cook a massive range of food, from chicken, chips and onion rings to samosas, pakoras and spring rolls.


Compact Design

  • Perfect Frys have the largest product output with the smallest footprint of any ventless countertop deep fryer available.


Virtually Odourless

  • All Perfect Fry models use patented HEPA-style air filtration technology.  The air is drawn up through the front grill over the oil vat and into the air filter, removing the grease and smells.


Safety Features

  • Safety interlocks prevent the fryer from being operated improperly.  Options include built in fire suppression system.