Frozen yogurt has long been the favoured treat of the more health-conscious and those looking for something low calorie and fat free that doesn’t taste low calorie and fat free.  Of course if you’re anything like us, you load up your yogurt with a tonne of chocolate, marshmallows, honeycomb and maybe one or two berries, just to add some colour.  But the option to be healthy is still there, that’s the important bit.  Good choices that could be made- but maybe next time.


Whatever your preferred topping combination, we can all agree that frozen yogurt  tastes great, so much so that customers are willing to pay up to £5 for a large with toppings (it’s actually higher in London, but we didn’t think you’d believe us- we could barely believe it ourselves!).  Even more shocking is how cheap they are to make- the yogurt, cup and spade cost approximately 50p for a small portion and then you can top it off however you fancy.  Now, as long as you’re not offering to top it off with diamonds, you’ll be making one seriously healthy profit on every portion (also I can’t imagine diamonds are that good for you so you might not get past the FSA regulations with that one).


Whether you’re looking to a new sweet treat to your restaurant, school or café or you want to open a dedicated frozen yogurt shop: we have the machine for you.  Call us to find out more about our compact counter tops, floor-standing super high outputs and our snazzy automatic self serve machines that will give you an exact portion size every time.Malibu Frozen Yogurt Dessert


Machines are available to rent, lease and purchase and we’ll give you:

  • Support to get you up and running as quickly and as easily as possible.
  • Advice on what kinds of yogurt are available and which would best suit your needs.
  • Full staff training and set up.
  • Free delivery on leases and purchases for mainland UK.
  • Servicing and maintenance plans.
  • Post-sale advice on menu options, siting, special offers and how to make the most from your investment.


Machine features we think you’ll love:

  • Refrigerated tank means cleaning is only required twice a week.
  • Energy efficient operation means low running costs.
  • Simple and quiet machines, so no difficult controls or noisy disturbances.
  • Functional design means fewer parts to clean.
  • Low level mix light lets you know when to top up so no chance of running out on a busy day.
  • Extended warranty gives you the peace of mind to feel safe in your investment.


Here at Malibu we’ve been selling frozen yogurt machines for over 30 years so whatever size your business may be, we are confident that we can provide the right equipment to help you grow.