Add fun to ice cream……and year round profits for you!Fling Cup 2b (Small)

  • Fling increases soft ice cream sales and profits by adding a blend of delicious add-ins that transforms soft ice cream into a fabulous fun-filled treat!
  • So much more than just ice cream, blend in your favourite treats, chocolate pearls, crunchy candy, syrup or fruit.
  • Adds value to your soft ice cream and builds repeat sales.
  • With a Fling system you can easily offer cones, tubs, a selection of desserts and real ice cream milkshakes!
  • Increase your sales and profits all year round with this high margin, proven system.

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Fling Machines

Fling Stands

The Fling system consists of:

  • Malibu soft ice cream machine
  • Modular dispenser, wall or worktop mount
  • Full point of sale materials


Optional Extras:

  • Fling Blender
  • Range of Fling stations to suit any space
  • Soft ice cream mix, cones, candies, spoons and Fling branded cups