Making The Most Of Your Machine

Get the most out of your machine!


Malibu have over 30 years experience supplying a diverse customer base with slush machines so you can imagine we have learned a lot and are still learning how to help our customers increase sales and profits using our equipment.  We are not simply interested in selling machines but ensuring that you get the most benefit from your investment.


There are many things you can do to increase your sales and profitability by attracting more customers, increasing the spend and keep them coming back.


Machine Location


Options for where you place your machine may be restricted but if possible you should site it where it can be readily seen.  Slush is very much an impulse purchase, when people see it, they buy it.



Word of Mouth


Put the word around particularly if you are near schools, make sure your staff ask customers if they want one to draw attention to the fact you are selling slush.  If your company has a Facebook site or Twitter account, let your friends and followers know that you have a new product on sale.


Join the Pack

Our range of Huskee slush machines are available with a wide selection of eye catching point of sale material to really make your machine stand out and will increase repeat sales. Visit our sister site at for more information.


Offering Freebies


Offering a “free” drink with another purchase or for just a limited time will help get the word out.  Advertising a “Slush Launch Day” with free slush available will allow you to test the machine, get comfortable using it and start building a strong customer base.


Mix it up!

Change the flavour of the syrup on a monthly or two monthly basis when you first start operating the machine and make sure to keep asking customers their opinion to find the most successful flavour.  Offer refillable cups where you can layer the flavours, kids love it.

Why not offer smoothies or chilled fruit juices.