Frozen Cocktails

Margarita Cocktail

If serving cocktails is so profitable- why isn’t everyone doing it?

That’s because of the huge investment in ingredients, cocktail training and menu development needed to start selling them.  But there is an easier way . .

Frozen cocktail machines can dispense delicious cocktails in less than 10 seconds, with no training, no fancy ingredients and no added wait time on the bar.  Just pull the handle to serve.  Buy your own or choose from our range of classic syrups including margarita, pina colada, strawberry daiquiri and more.  You decide what liquor goes in and how much- either add it to the tank or add a measure to each glass.  Our machines give you complete control over your costs with no tie-ins and a 1 year back to base warranty.

A 250ml cocktail with a 35ml portion of spirit costs approximately 55 pence to make but will sell for £5-£6.50 in bars and pubs, and £4-5 in clubs and student unions: giving you a markup of between 727% and 1182%!!

Selling just 10 cocktails a night at £5 each, your turnover will be £350 per week, with £311.50 profit.  For our biggest machine, it would take only 6 weeks to pay for the machine and less than 4 weeks for our smallest model!

Where a quick serve time is essential, these machines will dispense a cocktail faster than you can pour a pint- so no long queues at the bar and less stress on your bar staff.  We’ve found places like student unions and night clubs struggle the most with keeping on top of their queues so a frozen drinks machine is an easy way to keep customers happy and coming back to the bar.

If you are in the family pub business- why not try having one tank serving cocktails and one tank serving slush?  That way you can offer frozen drinks to both children and adults, perfect for summer days (we get so few of them here in England so you might as well make the most of it!)

Feeling fancy?  Take a look at our Magic 10 Slush Machine with its LCD touch screen controls that will play advertising videos to let your customers know about special offers and events in your bar.