All About Slush

Malibu Slush Machine Benefits

Frozen slush is an extremely popular drink made using a syrup concentrate and water, which is then frozen down to make a delicious fruit flavoured drink.  The refreshing taste and brightly coloured display attracts customers to your business, as well as making you a great profit.  Flavours available include the classic red strawberry and blue raspberry flavours and the new tropical, lemon and lime, orange, as well as a range of real fruit slushes and sugar free versions of the red and blue classics.  Smoothie and frozen cocktail syrups are also available and can be made in the slush machine- just like slush! These versatile machines are reliable, affordable and most importantly- profit generating.

The cost of a cup of our classic slush with a straw is 16p, this can then be sold for 95p-£1.50.  After vat, your markup=495% and profit is over 80%!

To see what you can achieve with slush, just look at these figures.

Drinks per day Weekly Profit Monthly Profit Annual Profit
10 £44 £190 £2288
30 £132 £572 £6864
60 £265 £1144 £13728

This is based on selling 250ml drinks @ 95p and includes the cup and straw.

Our machines make it so easy to earn high profits for your business, and low leasing rates mean that from as little as £10.79 per week you can be making hundreds of pounds a week, in no time at all!

Draw more people into your shop with our complete point of sale package and enjoy our free of charge delivery service with every lease-purchase or outright purchase.

All slush machines come with a full 12 months, back to base warranty and unlike other brands, there is no contract or tie ins.