Keating Teppanyaki Griddles provide the ultimate dining experience, year after year. With no radiant heat and the incredible long lasting chrome finish, your customers are sure to come back time and again.

The Keating Teppanyaki MIRACLEAN® Griddle is exclusively designed to meet the needs of your presentation cooking demands.  The MIRACLEAN® plate will keep your Teppanyaki griddle looking clean and shiny even when not in use, and virtually eliminates flavor transfer. Ideal for Japanese Restaurants, the Miraclean Chrome griddle from Malibu is used extensively by many leading Teppanyaki Restaurants in the UK and Europe, including Benihana and Sapporo.

Fits to your specifications

The griddle plate size is determined by customer specifications and can range from  24″x 24″ to 72″ x 30″. Just provide us with a drawing of the table that will be used so that Keating can ensure a perfect fit.  The actual heating section on all griddles is 24″W x 18″D and is available in electric only. Two high input elements rated at 240V are standard.  The heating section is thermostatically controlled with one thermostat for each element. Keating does not manufacture the table.

Saves on energy costs

Documented energy savings of 30% by Pacific Gas & Electric means saving on energy costs of over £1000 a year on a 36″ model. The MIRACLEAN® surface also reduces radiated heat loss to less than 10% of a conventional steel plate griddle.  By keeping heat on the surface and out of the kitchen, the MIRACLEAN® Griddle reduces air conditioning demands and gives the chef a cooler cooking environment.

Benihana Chefs at Hotelympia - Miraclean GriddleSaves 44% in clean up

A documented study by the University of Illinois General Engineering department confirmed what has long been know by MIRACLEAN® operators – cleaning the MIRACLEAN saves time! 44% savings means less labour cost and high productivity. Cleaning a 36″ MIRACLEAN versus a conventional steel plate model 3x daily would mean significant savings over the life of the unit. Cleaning the surface takes 3 easy steps:
1. scrape with the Keating scraper
2. wash with a Keating palmetto brush and water
3. polish with Keating Klenzer and a damp cloth
No more griddle bricks, grill screens or harsh chemicals needed, and reseasoning the plate is not necessary.

Accurate temperature control

MIRACLEAN® Griddles feature zoned temperature control to ensure temperature accuracy in cooking.
The MIRACLEAN® surface allows the operator to cook at lower temperatures to control the degree of carmelisation and product shrinkage.