Miraclean Chrome Griddles

Keating Miraclean Chrome Griddle

With over 300 model variations as well as additional options we can make sure the Miraclean griddle fits your unique requirements.

EC5Q2434 (Small)


The Miraclean has one of the largest varieties in size options for chrome griddles currently available.

Listed below is the list of standard sizes for a griddle with either a depth of 24 or 30 Inches.

Standard Griddle Sizes – Inches Standard Griddle Sizes – Inches
24″ Deep Griddle 30″ Deep Griddle
12″ 12″
24″ 24″
27″ 27″
36″ 30″
42″ 36″
48″ 42″




Miraclean Griddles are available in either Electric , natural gas or LP.


Choose from having either a front trough only model or one with side and front troughs.

Front trough only model on the left. Front and side trough only is on the right.

Drop In

Miraclean griddles also have drop in units available to suit the design of your kitchen.