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All about the Keating Miraclean Griddle

The Keating Miraclean Chrome Griddle will save you time, labour and money and produces cleaner, tastier food.  With these savings it’s no wonder Miraclean Griddles are serious contenders in sustainable cooking.  Companies using Miraclean chrome griddles include Nandos, Ed’s Easy Diner, Shake Shack, Burger & Lobster, Wimpy, Little Chef, O2 Arena, Whitbread, Hilton,  as well as many independent pubs, hotels, cafes and restaurants.

Just look at these figures:

Cuts Energy Costs by 30%

 Cuts Labour Costs by 44%

 Cuts Radiant Heat by 90%


Grease DrawerEnergy Saving

Cuts running costs by 30% due to its patented chrome plated surface which locks in the heat, only releasing on contact.

Reduces radiant (waste) heat by 90%, which makes it more comfortable to use.

Labour Saving

Cleaning is easy, no bricking or heavy scraping is necessary – use only cold water, saving time and money.  The Miraclean cleans 44% faster than conventional steel griddles.


Serves The Best Tasting Food

Never any carbon build up, so there is always a clean surface to cook on.

  • No cross flavouring
  • Less sticking
  • No blue smoke
  • No black particles on food
  • Reduces shrinkage in size and weight
  • Cooks faster

Wide Range of Options

  • Grooved or ‘streaked’ cooking plates for a char-broiled effect without the heat and smoke.
  • There are 22 different sizes available in both gas and electric – also available with Clam cooking heads to cook both sides at once.

Miraclean Griddles are also available as “Drop In” models.  Please see the Model Summary for sizes and specifications.

Front Trough


  • Trivalent chromium surface on high carbon 3/4″ steel plate
  • 2″ front trough, 3″ left side trough
  • 4-1/2″ high backsplash
  • Keating scraper with packet of 10 blades
  • Hamburger spatula – 4″ wide
  • Egg turner spatula
  • Long handled palmetto brush
  • Keating Klenzer sample
  • 100% safety pilot shut-off on gas models
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Stainless steel large capacity grease drawer