All About Food & Drawer Warmers

Wittco Drawer Warmers

Ensure meals arrive at the table in perfect condition with Wittco drawer warmers.

Wittco Drawer Warmer cabinets help your hot foods maintain their freshness, nutritional value and eye-appeal.  Everything from meats to even delicate desserts are held at temperatures and ideal humidity levels to keep them at their best.  With Wittco’s built-in quality, you can be sure of superior performance, and their versatility and wide selection means you’ll have the one that meets your space and volume needs.

Wittco Drawer Warmer Special Series side view Wittco Drawer Warmer Special Series front view

Our best selling model is the Wittco DMWT2002RNAN special series. This unit  is currently helping over 400 fast casual restaurants across the UK serve customers quickly without compromising on taste or texture.

Lifetime warranty on all elements and drawer runners- reduces maintenance costs and down time

Heated Merchandiser Warmer

Our PFM Heated Merchandiser Warmer is a compact, flexible heating unit designed to display and keep prepared foods consistently hot for an extended period of time.

MFM120 Heated Display CabinetMFM120 Heated Display Cabinet

The PFM Heated Merchandiser complements Malibu’s ventless fryer, enhancing sales and profits for the end user.  The Heated Merchandiser is only 16″ wide and attractively displays food items on two tiers.  Air temperature is controlled by consistent convection heating in all areas of the units, keeping prepared food hot, fresh and tasty.

Our MFM Heated Merchandiser Warmer is a stylish tempered glass serve-over heated cabinet and provides the perfect display for all of your hot savoury products.  It’s ideal for chicken strips, fries and many other types of hot food.

The powerful fan ensures even heat throughout the cabinet.

The MFM features a large water well for optimum humidity.  Internal illumination comes with separate control for front illuminated graphics – pictures can be changed to best suit your own menu.