All About Deep Fat Fryers

Instant Recovery® Fryer features

Simply Ingenious Fry Pot:
The design of our fry pot is simple, yet ingenious. We heat the fat through the center of the fry pot exposing more heated surface to the fat, while creating a Cold Zone below. Our fry pot will maintain a constant, accurate temperature in the cooking zone from beginning to the end of each load.

All-Stainless Steel Construction:
We only use 304 stainless steel in our frying vessels. Our 14? models are drawn from a single piece of 18 gauge stainless and formed with rounded corners. Our fry pots are polished – by taking the extra time and effort to provide smooth surfaces, carbon buildup is reduced which makes cleanup far easier. The stainless steel transfer tubes in our gas units are precision welded into the fry pot. Built for high production, the Instant Recovery® Fryer will become the workhorse of your kitchen for years to come.

Proven Safety Controls:
Close range hydraulic thermostats are accurate to ±3° from 300°F to 350°F. A high temperature limit control provides a safety shutoff . This control can be tested or reset with the push of a button.

Save your fat by frying at lower temperatures

As you add product (especially frozen) into the hot fat to fry, the temperature immediately drops. Keating fryers are uniquely designed to recover the set temperature instantly, so your product is cooked evenly thoughout, and golden crispy on the outside.

Keating fryers are designed to efficiently fry foods at a range of 325?F to 335?F and this is why – fat begins to break down from the effects of temperature at 300?F. For every 18?F that you increase the temperature,you double the rate of breakdown.




Benefits of frying at lower temperatures:

• Save money by extending the life of your fat

• Lower your operating cost by using less energy

• By avoiding variations in temperature, foods absorb less fat – the longer the frying period the greater the absorption (french fries become 10% fat or more by the end of the cooking cycle, 20% for other foods).

The key to Instant Recovery® is in the pot

Keating’s have developed (and patented) a system of burners and large heat transfer tubes to ensure fast recovery and accurate temperature in the cooking zone. It enables the fryer to recover the set temperature before the product is finished cooking. This system creates the cold zone where crumbs and food particles collect without scorching. The large cold zone is equal to 27% of the liquid volume.

Keating’s only use stainless steel in our frying vessels, highly polished to achieve a smooth surface – it reduces carbon buildup for easier cleaning.