Malibu Self Serve C/SP Self Pasteurising

  • Customers serve themselves – labour saving.
  • Portion controlled – no waste.
  • Self pasteurising – only needs cleaning every 2 weeks.
  • Simple to use – place cup on holder and press the button.
  • Compact size, only 380 mm wide.
  • Eye-catching lighting display.
  • Unique Refresh system ensures consistent texture.
  • One of the quietest ice cream machines we have ever tested in over 30 years!
  • Capable of taking over £400 an hour! – with no extra staff.

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The new self-serve soft ice cream machine opens up the extremely lucrative soft ice cream market to convenience stores, cafes, restaurants and other businesses allowing customers to operate the easy to use machine themselves, thereby saving on labour costs.By simply placing the cup or cone in the holder and pressing a button a measured portion of soft ice cream is dispensed within seconds, no mess no fuss.

Just like other Malibu Soft Ice Cream machines the Self-Serve C/SP will also dispense Frozen Yogurt, which is already a growing market. The exceptionally compact design and unique air cooling system enable this compact machine to be placed in even the tightest of spots. The illuminated multi-colour front panel will attract customers’ attention and the in-built self-pasteurising system means that it only needs cleaning every two weeks as opposed to every 2-3 days, further reducing labour costs.

Flavours 1
Countertop / Floor Standing Countertop
Pump / Gravity Gravity
Output: kg / hour 20.7
Cups / minute (75g serving) 4.6
Consecutive Cups* 8-10
Suitable for Frozen Yoghurt Yes
Suitable for Self Serve Yes
Available as Fling Model No
Decals / Stickers Available No
Stand Available Yes
Starter Pack Available Yes
Service Pack Available Yes
Plugs into standard 13 amp socket No
Warranty 2 y parts, 1 y labour
Hardness Control Yes
Temperature control of Hopper and Cylinder Yes
Low Level Mix Warning Yes
Digital Display Yes
Display Menu Voice Guidance Yes
Overnight Standby Mode Yes
Hopper/Barrel Capacity (litres) 11
Operating Power (Kw) 2.4
Volts 240
Amps 16
Electrical Supply Phases Single
Cooling Air
No. Compressors 1
Weight (kg) 130
Dimensions  W x D x H (mm) 380  x 842 x 930