200-3-2M0ZN – Three Drawer Café Series


Ensure meals arrive at the table in perfect condition with Wittco drawer warmers.


Lifetime warranty on all elements and drawer runners- reduces maintenance costs and down time.

Wittco Drawer Warmer cabinets help your hot foods maintain their freshness, nutritional value and eye-appeal.  Everything from meats to even delicate desserts are held at temperatures and ideal humidity levels to keep them at their best.  With Wittco’s built-in quality, you can be sure of superior performance, and their versatility and wide selection means you’ll have the one that meets your space and volume needs.



  • Energy efficient- lower running costs due to maximum energy efficient cabinet design.
  • Improves food temperature consistency- food doesn’t dry out.
  • Lowest cost of ownership due to lifetime warranty.
  • Minimal condensation- no drip trays required.
  • No ventilation required in most areas.
Model Number 200-3-2M0ZN
Description Three Drawer Café Series
Drawer Capacity 12” x 20” x 6”   Or

15” x 20” x 5”

Height (w/o Legs) 33.75”


Width 27.75”


Depth 22”


Watts 1425
Amps  12
Ship Weight (lbs/kg)  180/82