Self Serve Soft Ice Cream Machine

The new state of the art Malibu Self Serve Soft Ice Cream Machine opens up the extremely lucrative soft ice cream market to convenience stores, cafes, restaurants and other businesses allowing customers to operate the easy to use machine themselves, which has been proven to increase sales.Download

Soft Ice Cream Brochure

Freshly whipped soft ice cream not only outsells wrapped and scooped - it’s UP TO 3 TIMES MORE PROFITABLE!. • Point of sale package to boost sales Demonstration & Training • Delivery • 2 Year warranty on motor & compressor Download

Fling Ice Cream

Add excitement to your business! And profits of up to 70%! Malibu's new FLING SYSTEM builds repeat sales, sells all year round and allows you to compete by transforming soft ice cream into an attractive and delicious fun filled treat. Download

The Perfect Fry Ventless Fryer

The Perfect Fry Ventless Fryer is the easiest way to get into the hot snack business. Cook chips, chicken nuggets, dippers, onion rings, scampi etc. and make over 80% profit! A portion of chips costs 12p, sells for £1-20. The Perfect Fry is clean, easy to use and special filter means no smells and no grease. Safe - the frying process is totally enclosed. Download

Keating Miraclean Griddles

Keating Miraclean Chrome Griddles are used by many leading independent retaurants and restaurant chains. The Keating will save you time, labour and money and produces cleaner, tastier food. Cuts running costs by 32% due to its patented surface which locks in the heat, only releasing on contact. Reduces radiant (waste) heat by 90%, which makes it more comfortable to use.