About Malibu

Malibu Corporation is a family-run catering equipment company founded in 1982 and based in Trafford Park, Manchester.  From the outset we have been distributors of high quality food service equipment designed to help businesses grow.  Over the years we have enjoyed watching high street chains, hotels, restaurants and cafes profit from our equipment and now have over 4500 satisfied customers nationwide.  Some of our better known customers include Nando’s, Byron, Hilton Hotels, Greene King and Asda, and our experience in providing a complete solution from pre-sales to post-sales support has helped us expand to become an international distributor.


We  take great care in sourcing some of the most energy efficient equipment on the market.  We believe that by investing in sustainable equipment, all businesses can reduce their carbon emissions and become more profitable by saving on energy costs.


With our range of innovative equipment, we aim to provide our customers with the most-up to date catering solutions to help them to grow their business.  From working with customers from such a wide variety of industries; we understand what different businesses need from their equipment and so take special care in selecting our products to meet these requirements.

All our products are tested for:

  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Total cost of ownership


We then select them based on their innovations in:

  • Profit-generation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Labour-savings
  • User Friendliness


For more information about the products that we offer; or to see them yourself in our fully equipped test kitchen, please call 0161 874 5400.