Malibu Launch Hot2Go

2 February 2017
2 February 2017, Comments 0

Malibu Corporation have just launched Hot2Go, a new and exciting branded point of sale solution for their Perfect Fry ventless fryer. The Perfect Fry is an amazing piece of kit that enables any business to sell hot food to go or indeed hot food to stay! Market research had shown that some customers found if difficult , expensive and time consuming to promote their hot food products so in response to customer feedback Malibu developed a new branded food-to-go solution; Hot2Go.” The problem in the past has always been how to provide point of sale material for a diverse range of businesses selling from a wide range of hot food products to different target markets and at a suitable cost” says Tony Keating, MD of Malibu. “As a company we have always worked with customers, where needed, to help them with selling their product”.

The Hot2Go brand helps any business to maximise promotion quickly and easily. Not only does Hot2Go have a really attractive variety of fully customisable point of sale materials such as posters, menu cards and outdoor signage but businesses can simply add their own prices and photos to the templates or they can just select from a range of tempting high quality stock images prior to print.

Malibu’s Managing Director, Tony Keating said: “Hot2Go is ideal for independent convenience stores and forecourts as it allows them to easily customise the point of sale to suit their market and provides a range of equipment that can be scaled to the size of the business or premises.”

At the heart of the Hot2Go solution is the self-contained Perfect Fry, a commercial countertop ventless fryer using a patented HEPA filtration technology which results in the fryer being virtually odourless and requiring no extraction, making it ideal for behind the counter cooking. Hot2Go is a complete solution providing a range of accessories, consumables and POS that caters for everything needed to get up and running.

For over 20 years Malibu Corporation have supplied Perfect Fry ventless fryers to a wide range of businesses across the UK and allowed them to cook hot food with no extraction, ventilation and in many cases without a kitchen

Additional Hot2Go information and brochures can be found here

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