The Perfect Pub Solution

24 November 2016
24 November 2016, Comments 0

From iPad menus to Pokémon lures, this year the pub industry has used some imaginative ways to attract customers to their sites but none has been more successful than the food and drink itself. According to research company Pragma the casual dining market is currently valued at £16.4 billion with 31% of people eating out at least once a week. It’s no surprise then that the pub industry is going to creative lengths to capitalize on the market growth.

Malibu Corporation has the perfect solution for pubs looking to benefit from this surge in customer spend. The Perfect Fry ventless fryer is a compact commercial countertop fryer capable of producing hot food without the need for expensive extraction or a kitchen. The equipment can even be used in pubs to serve hot food or snacks straight from the bar.


Another happy Perfect Fry customer

For wet-led pubs interested in serving hot food, or when the kitchen is closed, it’s an easy way to attract new customers as well as increase existing customer dwell time and spend. The Perfect Fry is versatile and can be used to cook hot food for bar snacks, sharing platters or main meals, Ideal for sports or quiz nights, events or takeaways at last orders.

The fully automatic ventless fryer has the footprint and operating style of a commercial microwave with frozen food automatically loaded, cooked and dispensed. Users have no contact with the oil during the cooking process making it a very safe and user-friendly piece of equipment. Staff can utilise programmable preset menus allowing anyone with little training the ability to consistently cook quality hot meals or snacks.

Justin Tilley, owner of the Rhos Pub Group, pictured here with his third Perfect Fry said “We have our Perfect Fry front of house and it is fantastic! We have a kitchen at Rhos On Sea, but we wanted a way to serve customers food in our pavilion which has no extraction and now our bar staff can serve food long after our kitchen is closed. It’s extremely helpful during busy periods as it increases our overall cooking capacity, allowing us to work efficiently with a packed pub.”

Fried food has always been a proven profit maker with a margin of over 80% and cooking food straight from frozen significantly reduces wastage. The Perfect Fry is already in use across the UK serving foods such as the classic bar snack menu as well as tapas, sushi, dim sum and pan-Asian cuisine.

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