Huskee is full speed ahead!

27 October 2016

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It’s full speed ahead with Huskee! Everyone here at Malibu is delighted to announce the launch of our exciting new slush machine brand, Huskee. The brand introduces a fun new and cheeky faced character to the world of slush.

Huskee slush drinks are a hugely profitable product with a 70% profit margin; it’s easy to understand why 1 in 3 convenience stores already mockup-mini-10-png-smallhave a slush machine and begs the question why don’t you already have one? The need to differentiate from the pack has today’s savvy retailers now looking for more than just a quality machine, they expect a range of exciting promotional material to be readily available to help get people through the door. Here at Malibu we know the use of point of sale material has become an essential part of every retailers display and plays an important role in increasing customer activity.

Huskee was carefully selected by our focus group from a range of exciting characters and it was evident to us that the use of huskies in popular TV shows such as Game of Thrones would only strengthen the brand. The Huskee character is centre to the brands identity and its future ad campaigns.

Huskee plans to make the retailers life as easy as possible with its amazing range of high visibility and visually mind blowing point of sale material which includes posters, swing signs and machine decals.

What are you waiting for?

Come join the pack today!

Visit for pricing and more details.

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